Rombicapo : Brain Challenge Puzzle

Take a deep dive into your school memories, with this re-featured game. Simple but at the same time challenging and addictive. Test your mind and keep it sharp!



TheWebAppMarket presents the Rombicapo App, a classic game of joining the dots. A modern take on old-school technique for self-growth. An app is a gaming software where goal is to improve your confidence in global competition and self-growth. To become the #1 puzzle game champion in the Rombicapo App, you will have two options: first is to go solo against AI or challenge fellow puzzle gamers in multiplayer mode. The more number you get of colored boxes, the closer you are to winning the puzzle. So keep competition till your opponent quits the board game.

You have the perk of solving and competing around 100+ puzzle challenges to win with plenty of fun apps. Rombicapo App offers in-app elements like Personal Leadership Board. You can also track your score and move forward to player rankings by defeating other champions in the game.

A nostalgic game of joining the dots is a perfect partner to erase away anxiety and work on self-improvement. The Arcade model will help you track your movement, and you can zoom in anytime for visual clarity.  Rombicapo App supports nine languages- English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Indonesian, and the Philippines.